Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Terror in the 1890's, The Fruits of Collection, and Other Things

I was at the used bookstore recently when I came across the Ravenloft boxed set Masque of the Red Death. I always kind of wanted it, and although it is somewhat water damaged, it's serviceable and a damn sight cheaper than what people are asking for it secondhand online.

Then it struck me: convert the proficiency system to something more LotFP-esque and run this motherfucker for my online group.

They have recently been asking for space operate, but I will first ask them how they would like a classical gothic 1890's romp... followed by space opera.

Also, in a few days I will be in physical possession of every RIFTS World Book except for #32, which is at the printers. I feel a mixture of accomplishment and a powerful need for a bleach bath.

The last day with students is this Friday, after which I plan to kick it into gear and get something ready to go for BritishFest and KantCon. I like GMing. I like it boatloads, exponential boatloads more than I like playing a PC, and it's time to get this on.

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