Monday, June 2, 2014

BRP Horror?

Quick question, blogging compatriots:

Is there any horror game or horror setting out there that uses Basic Roleplaying system that isn't Call of Cthulhu or any of its spin-offs? While I enjoy Lovecraft's stories, I'm just really not into the Cthulhu mythos as a gaming thing. I think it's overdone and I think geek culture has turned Cthulhu into a punchline.

A quick search of the internet is showing nada. I'd also be interested in conversions of other horror games to BRP. 


  1. Not that I know. However, note that Chaosium itself published many scenarios that have nothing to do with the Mythos. The rulebook itself has a lot of critter which could be used in these alternate realities, from mummies to vampires to ghosts. I ran a zombie apocalypse campaign and it worked like a charm.

  2. I've used BRP as the core book for many horror games with CoC material borrowed for effect. Malleus Monstrorum has a lot of non-Cthulhuoid entities in it, as well. There are some BRP monographs as well that have horror thematics including some SF themes as well.

  3. I'll check those out. Thanks, dudes.