Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Further Module Sins: You Keep Doing It Wrong

"If the characters do not decide to stay the night, they find the storm has suddenly worsened and the town has no other inns."

...and thus, the second module in The Book of Crypts renders itself just as hidebound as the first.

Other sins of the module include:

-PCs on a werewolf hunt coming across a village called Moondale. Seriously, Moondale? Why not just call it Wolfington? 

-The assumption that the PCs will not suspect the failure of an NPC ally to show up to investigate the first murder with them, and also assuming that the locked door to his room will provide any serious deterrent to a party of adventurers.  

-"In the morning, the characters find Eldon asleep and the woman dead. If questioned, Eldon says that she screamed out once in the night, but by the time he reached her, she was already dead."
And then the guy just went back to sleep? Are you fucking kidding me? The PCs have no chance to hear the scream? What if the PCs insist on guarding this girl? And again, the guard found the chick he was supposed to guard dead and just went back to fucking sleep and the module just assumes the PCs will basically shrug their shoulders at this. 

-More NPCs who die automatically regardless of what you do to save them.

...and actually, I quit reading it at this point. On to the third module, but it doesn't look good for this book. At least it was only three bucks.

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