Saturday, June 7, 2014


So I'm signed up for KantCon.

Friday I'll be running Betrayal at Kallanax!, a scenario that I'm going to do with Starships  & Spacemen 2nd edition, followed by a run of Jim Raggi's Hammers of the God using the LotFP rules.

The rest of the weekend I'll be playing a variety of games, including AD&D 1st edition (Tegel Manor, bitches) FATE, and Deadlands Reloaded. Hot Damn.

Tomorrow I will be continuing Red Jack with James and Meghan via Skype.

If you're going to be in the KC area in late July, you should consider KantCon. This will be my third year attending. It's a pretty amazing con that is pure, 100% gaming. (Which is really all I do at cons anyway besides room parties)

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