Sunday, June 1, 2014

Masque of the Red Death, Session 1 (Red Jack Pt. 1)

Today I started up my Sunday Skype group again. The session consisted of chargen and the first part of Red Jack, the first module in the Masque of the Red Death boxed set.

I love, love, love the characters that my friends made up. (See below if you care)

I hate, hate, hate the way Red Jack is written.

I actually changed a lot of shit, because while the idea is pretty cool, the module is written very poorly. After I finish it, I'll blog a list of things I changed. Let's just say that this module is excruciatingly low on player agency and player decisions really mattering at all in the end.

I am also running the game using a skill system more in line with Lamentations of the Flame Princess than the AD&D 2nd edition non-weapon proficiency system.

I do think that this campaign would work extraordinarily well as a Savage Worlds game, either straight up or as a thing for Deadlands and/or Rippers.

James is rocking Dr. Stuart Corrigan, 3rd level Tradesman (Physician) - The product of a privileged Beacon Hill family, Dr. Corrigan wishes to discover cures to incurable diseases. He was intrigued by rumors that the male bodies found in the South End murders have no apparent cause of death. (Whereas the female bodies found with them have a very apparent cause of death: being stabbed like a hundred times)

Meghan is rocking Madame Zoltara, Oracle of the Orient, 3rd level Adept (Charlatan) An orphan-turned-pickpocket-turned fake gypsy, Elizabeth Bishop has stumbled on to the secret of real magic. She's investigating the murders because of the rumors among the carnival folk that an evil spiritual presence is involved.

I'm also going to just throw this out there: Charm Person is an amazing goddamn spell.

Having survived one encounter with a crazed murderer, gathered a few clues, and ensorceled the police detective in charge of the case, our intrepid investigators will begin next session trying to get information at Muldoon's, a  wretched hive of scum and villainy located deep within South End.

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  1. I am so excited for next Sunday! :D

    Also, ensorceled is my new favorite word.