Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On Overthinking

I've been working on DarknessFudge, a lighter alternative to World of Darkness using Fudge, for months. I've been working on and off, and despite my efforts to keep it simple, it's already bigger than I wanted.

...then last night I stumble across a Fae-based rpg, somewhat reminiscent of Changeling, that a person did on one page using Fudge.

...and now I feel like kind of a tool.

I mean, it's pretty simple, sure, but it works.

Maybe I need to rethink how I'm working this.

Of course, I have little time to do so, with BritishFest coming up and my having agreed to take over two campaigns while the GMs are out of the action.


  1. Don't depair, things are never good until draft 3 or later. With my own games, campaigns etc. I add too much. then start stripping it all way in later drafts. It's good to consider everything and then keep just the best stuff.