Sunday, June 15, 2014

Palladium Triple Play

Yesterday I took a run to the used bookstore with the missus. I found the Compendium of Weapons, Armor, and Castles, Compendium of Contemporary* Weapons, and Aliens Unlimited. I snagged them up for seven bucks apiece. My bookshelf now groans with the weight of my Palladium collection.

 There was also a Planescape boxed set for fifty bucks, which was tempting, but... who knows. I still have a coupon tucked away.

*Contemporary as of about twenty years ago, but whatevs.

Today I run what is likely the final installment of Red Jack. After that, I will be adapting the scenarios from The Book of Crypts to be 1.) Set on Gothic Earth, and 2.) Not be brain-bleedingly stupid in their execution. I'll run our duo through a few of them before continuing the campaign from the Red Death boxed set.


  1. My book shelves once groaned under the weight of my Palladium collection, till I sold every book in a fit of final disgust with the system. Over the last three years I have since replaced all the books sold (with the exception of three Rifts world books: Mechanoids, England, and Africa) and ADDED additional Palladium books (four from Heroes Unlimited, three or four from Rifts, a couple from Advanced Recon). Palladium is like a recurring cancer that I just can't seem to excise.

  2. I buy them for the source material. The system makes me retch as well.

    I was working on an AD&D conversion with a friend, but we never quite finished it.

    I think if I could just come up with a workable alternative to Mega-Damage, I'd more or less have the system workable for me.

  3. about:

    100 HPs = 1 "mega-HP"


    1. [of course, for "supernatural monsters" like, Type VI demons and whatnot, you'd simply give them straight "mega-HP" instead of normal HP. Same HD (chance to hit, saves, etc.) but they only take damage from mega-damage weapons, and they're own damage slaughters anything not in mega-armor.

      Magic weapons would do mega-HP damage to supernatural creatures, and normal HP damage to non-mega-HP creatures.

      I don't know...seems pretty straightforward.