Monday, June 23, 2014

Ravenloft Gothic Earth: Session 4

Yesterday I ran an altered version of The Dark Minstrel from The Book of Crypts. I changed a bunch of shit.

...firstly, because The Dark Minstrel is a stupid name.

I ended up making the villain kind of silly and eccentric, which I think made him creepier when Dr. Corrigan discovered that his host had a slight addiction to murder.

The pair were able to figure out that the harpsichord held the key to their escape. I removed the painting that pretty much shows it to you. Because, you know, if I were an immortal dude with only one weakness, I would definitely hang a painting depicting me dying from said weakness in full view of my unwilling guests. (God these modules are fucking terrible.)

The session was a bit more silly than scary, but it was still entertaining. Next week we'll continue the adventures of Dr. Corrigan and Madame Zoltara.

This week I start my RIFTS game. I'm also running a bunch of shit at a con this weekend. I've lost my frickin' mind.

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