Sunday, June 8, 2014

Red Jack: Part II

Today I ran the next leg of Red Jack with Meghan and James. Their characters are quite entertaining and are well suited to the adventure at hand. We had one of the most entertaining fights I've had in a game in quite awhile. Nothing like several Victorian white people sort of flailing around an alley at each other. I will say this: the PCs fought smartly when faced with an opponent who would have presented difficulties had they simply traded blows. The low hp total of the two characters causes them to get very creative when it comes to fighting, and very often they avoid fights that other groups I've played with would've approached with far less tactical ingenuity.

We weren't quite able to finish, so I'll be concluding the adventure with them next Sunday. I might see if people want to hop on for the next module in the campaign.

I had to rewrite, re-imagine, and add a number of scenes to the game on the fly, because as I mentioned before, Red Jack is a cool idea but a poorly written adventure. I removed one encounter entirely because I prefer the PCs figuring out things themselves to NPCs who basically do this if the PCs stray from what they're "supposed" to do. I also got rid of the "NPC you are talking to gets insta-murdered by bad guy and there is nothing you can do about it" bit, because that shit annoys me, too.

I played the score to From Hell in the background softly, and some parts it really seemed to fit. (My players couldn't hear it very well, but it was doing it for me.) Yeah, I know 1890's Boston isn't strictly Victorian, but suck it.

I look forward to next Sunday's romp through misty alleyways with top hats.

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