Friday, June 6, 2014

Simon Vincent Rides Again

With a surprisingly light workload this summer, I find that I am able to rejoin Steven's Thursday night Beyond the Supernatural campaign. I'm once again playing Simon Vincent, socially inept psychic medium/crime scene investigator.

Tonight's session was mostly combat, though Steven does a pretty good job of making the otherwise extremely tedious Palladium combat system come to life. Our party vanquished a demon from come crazy non-BTS sourcebook and a monster of Steven's own design that is essentially Psychic Leatherface.

It will be fun playing in this game again. It's very heavy on roleplay and Steven comes up with some damn interesting situations.

I also realized that, with stars and stops and hiatuses, that I've been playing Simon on and off for two years. Weird. I seldom stick with characters in tabletop gaming.

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