Thursday, July 3, 2014

In Which I Run RIFTS

Tonight I ran RIFTS for the first time, which may seem surprising given how much RIFTS stuff I own. The first session was a little slow and consisted mostly of getting the party together and getting to know the characters. I whipped up a quick random rumor table, a la old TSR modules. (Some true, some false, some partially true, etc)

Our party:

Sirslamarock (Yes, that's one word) - Malvoran RCC.  A polite and refined humanoid war machine, searching for ancient weapon technology in Madhaven.

Nameless- Yeno Gunsligner. More like a "fingerslinger," owning to his natural energy projection abilities. This character hates all non-Yeno lifeforms and refuses to give his name to lesser beings. He wants to see if the Madhaven has a ley line or technology that can help him get out of this vile dimension.

"Mal' - D-Bee Scout. His true species will be kept secret as the player has requested for now. Mal seems to be a human of extra-dimensional origin. He is trying to find treasure in Madhaven so that he can pay the father of his true love to marry her, since he is beneath her caste. (This is a tradition of his people) It the meantime, he enjoys just learning about this mysterious land, North America.

Xavier- Ley Line Walker. Presently the only native Earth human in the party, Xavier seeks the mythical White Rose, said to grow only in Madhaven, to study it and see if he can concoct a potion of longevity using its mystical properties.

Chud- Juicer. This character will be joining the party next week. His motives are unknown. He'll be the second native Earth human in the group.

As I run the game, I just keep telling myself: "Fun over rules, also, just remember this is really heavily modified AD&D."

I have a lot of ideas for this game, and I'm going to try to make it something of a sandbox within the city of Madhaven. I've found a couple of cool post apocalyptic city maps and I have a few ideas for dungeons within the city, as well as some faction based politicking. Hot damn.


  1. I like that several of the characters have personal goal to help move the story forward. Have fun with your campaign!

  2. I'm pretty excited about it. :)

  3. Madhaven is a great place to run a Rifts game in.

  4. I'll be interested to here how your game works in play. I read the characters you listed and the first that pops into my mind is: "I hate you Rifts." But it's a game I own tons of, too.

    [I have run it before, though, more than once]