Saturday, July 19, 2014


This is my third KantCon; I've been attending the convention since 2012.

The day before the convention, my wife and I visited the used bookstore here. I scored the Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendix III, which has some nice and unusual monsters to toss at my Skype Ravenloft/Masque of the Red Death group when we reconvene. (Likely in September due to conflicting schedules, but we'll see) I also picked up the Creature Feature supplement for Chill (the Pacesetter version, whereas all my other stuff is Mayfair.) 

...the cover of Creature Feature has a werewolf with a chef's hat and a salt-shaker giving us a thumbs-up while he ogles an oblivious, physically fit couple in a hot tub nearby. That shit is even cooler than the dragon with night vision goggles from RIFTS Conversion Book 1.

Yesterday I participated in three games. In the morning, I ran a scenario for Starships & Spacemen (2nd edition) using a scenario of my own design, "Betrayal at Kallanax!" It went really well, and has given me ideas for how to expand the scenario should I wish to run it again.

My second game was Jim Raggi's Hammers of the God, and for the first time I used the LotFP ruleset without any tinkering on my part. I rather like how it runs. To my horror, there were no casualties, due in part to some ridiculously good luck and a very interesting application of a cure light wounds spell. We ran a bit short on time, but the PCs were close enough to obtaining one of the treasures.

The final game I played in, rather than ran. It was AD&D 1st edition and the reissue of Tegel Manor.
First off: holy crap Tegel Manor is nuts. Not a bad idea, but nuts.
Second: I really don't like playing in games as much as I like running them.
Third: Specifically, dungeon crawls bore me to tears as a player. The most enjoyable parts of the session were the few interactions between the characters. 

Today I couldn't drag myself out of bed, so I missed my first game. The second game was a Swords & Wizardry powered Barsoomian adventure with much death and mayhem. The DM borrowed the Might Deeds mechanic from DCC and the press/parry options from LotFP, plus added a somewhat LotFP-esque skill system.Tonight I am scheduled to play Deadlands Reloaded, though I am very tired.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to play in a morning game of FATE, after which I'll be departing for home.

Black Blade is here. I was tempted to pick up a hard copy of The Dungeon Dozen, but I can't get past the price tag.

It is/was a fun con, and I definitely plan to be back next year. I think next year I'm going to do mostly running instead of playing. I'm a born GM and I really do my best gaming and have the most fun when I'm in that role, rather than that of a PC. 

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