Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Three Games

*Thursdays- RIFTS Madhaven

I'm doing this sandbox style. I'm treating the city of Madhaven as a megadungeon, with various buildings, tunnels, ruined bases and the like being sub-levels. I've found that Wizardawn has added some lovely tools since last I checked it, including a lot of stuff geared at post-apocalyptic gaming. For one thing, they've given me a wonderful megamap with nine-hundred some potential locations. If you've never looked at Wizardawn, I implore you to check it out.

*Fridays- Deadlands: Ties that Bind

This game is set in Denver. All the characters are relatives of William Larimer, Jr., the guy who founded Denver but got screwed out of being the first Governor of the Colorado Territories. I'm fudging the history on the men and their families and turning it into a game about two supernaturally-aware families struggling for control of the physical and metaphysical aspects of Denver, the gateway to the West. I'm playing fast and loose with the history (because, you know, Deadlands) and really just borrowing some of the real stuff for added flavor.

After several delays, I'm finally starting the game in earnest this Friday. 

*Sundays- Ravenloft: Masque of the Red Death

So I'm running this via Skype with two old and dear friends. We're using MotRD Ravenloft, but with a skill system more akin to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I'm running the actual modules out of the campaign boxed set, with interludes between them. So far the interludes have been based off some of the less moronic modules in The Book of Crypts, which have to be altered to fit 1890's Earth, anyway.

I can only keep this up because it's summer break. The first two games are temporary anyway; come August I will cede Fridays back to Josh and come fall I will cede Thursdays back to Steven and likely cut Sundays down to every other week. But for the time being? I'm rocking it.

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