Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nobody Bats 1,000*

Having read through Doom Cave of the Crystal Skulled Children, I have two things to say:

1. I'm glad it was free
2. Better Book Title: Push Button to Ruin Character and/or Campaign.

I know a few people in Blogaria who would say that statement #2 applies to all Raggi's work, but my impression of Doom Cave is that the character-fuckery is a lot more arbitrary. Normally I enjoy LotFP stuff, but this one leaves me cold. I enjoyed Better Than Any Man far, far more.

Also, regarding the seemingly recent (to me, anyway) trend of "Fuck up your entire campaign world" traps in Raggi modules, I state this: Players losing characters over foolish decisions or bad luck are part and parcel to the game. Me losing my campaign world over the players' foolish decisions or bad luck? No, thanks., don't get me wrong. If my players orchestrate an epic success or epic fuckup that destroys the world, fair game.... but destroying the world because they messed with a widget in a dungeon and got a shitty roll? Homie don't play that.

*I don't follow baseball, or any sport for that matter, so I'm not even 100% sure what this analogy means.


  1. In Baseball (the most statistics oriented game) hitting percentages are expressed as a three-digit factor. Getting a hit half the time would be .500, one-third of the time .333, etc. Getting a hit every time would be 1.000 which looks like the number one-thousand (and I guess is, in Europe).
    I hope this knowledge has made your life more fulfilling.

  2. I agree whole heartedly.

    Putting a Deck of Many Things (world ending edition) in a room is not adventure design.

    As a four page product with pre-gens named Weezy Bill and Fighter the 2nd, makes it ok to end my night of beer and pretzels with a Zombie Dinosaur apocalypse from the future, but the production values and effort on this are to high for the results it puts forth.

    I actually love the initial premise, town out of sorts over hundreds of hesteric women claiming to have lost the same child that no one else has ever seen. after that part the adventure falls on its face.

  3. @Stu - I feel like a whole person again.

    @seven- I know... I was so excited about the premise I stopped reading the module to tell my wife about it... then I read on and was thoroughly let down.