Saturday, August 9, 2014

On (Not) Embracing Your Fate

I just finished Fate Core. It took me three tries and three months, but I finally sat down and read it in its entirety.

Do not like.

I recall really liking an oooooold draft of Fate I have from like 2004, but this...

I don't know. It's like the Twitter of RPGs. Everything has a goddamn hashtag.

This storm has Really Strong Winds.
This knight Has a Duty to Uphold. 

Like, does all this stuff have to be tagged and explicit?

In all seriousness, it's just a little too narrative for me. They discourage character death unless it's "dramatically appropriate" and talk about setting up "scenes." Just... no, not my thing.

Unless the System Toolkit has some major changes to it, I think I'd just stick to Fudge, maaaaaybe with swiping the base idea of the aspects but using them more along the lines of character race/class in Donjon.


  1. The Twitter of RPGs. Everything has a hashtag.

    Perfect articulation of what bothers me about FATE. Thank you.

    Although the FAE version doesn't bother me as much, but has the problem of a reasonably creative player can justify using their best approach for nearly everything.

  2. My group has played a fair amount of FATE, granted mostly one shots,

    I've found the "hashtags", thanks for the term Stu, rarely come into play.

    I've discussed this at length with the group several times and have come to the conclusion that for these guys at leas, that aspect (pun intended) doesn't help or improve the game.

    Nothing wrong with it mind, but it clings too close to story game to work well for my group. YMMV

    1. Too be fair, "Hashtags" was courtesy of our host. But I will be taking credit for it at the local shop.