Friday, August 1, 2014

RIFTS Session 4, Deadlands Un-Canceled, Percolating Sorcerer, Etc.

Ran RIFTS again tonight.
Yes, I make fun of RIFTS.
I make fun of KS.
I make fun of Palladium and I think their rules are shit.

...and yet, I love running this campaign, and it isn't even in an ironic fashion.

Exploring ghost haunted post-apocalyptic ruins full of mutants and horrible monsters is fun. I creeped Scott the fuck out when he cast See the Invisible. (Pro-tip: Don't cast StI in ghost-infested ruins.)

Yes, I have house rules.

Thing is, though, that if you just keep the mindset that RIFTS= AD&D + Heavy Metal, you'll be alright.

(Also scaling Mega-Damage-to-SDC from 100:1 to 10:1 helps. Lots.)

Tonight's session also had no combat. Yeah, it's the same RIFTS we're talking about.

In other news, my two DL players have decided to attend only one day of LocalCon and asked me to run the Friday DL game as scheduled. Game on.

Finally, Sorcerer.

I like it. Yes, the presentation is murky and oft-times arrogant, but shove all that aside and the game itself is something I'd give a go. Thing is, I want to add vampires and other supernatural stuff to it, which I'm not sure exactly how to do yet and probably misses some point of the game or something.
Really dig the actual sorcery system, though. Dig dig dig it.

Other stuff I want to blog about when it isn't like four in the morning: 5e, the most fucked up vampire game I have ever read, the FUDGE game I've been slooooowly working on for months and months and months.


  1. Cool! So you are keeping Mega-Damage in your game? Just scaling it down a bit?

  2. Yes, MD is in, bind we've all found the reduced scale to be much more palatable. We're also using "pass through" damage from the Rifter Issue 30. A rocket slamming into your armor plated chest is going to hurt a little through the armor, no matter what. It does make the characters slightly more wary of combat, which is what I had intended.

  3. "Pass Through" damage? Interesting, I don't remember that one. Will have to check out Rifter #30. Thanks!

  4. Long story short: For every 10 MD delivered to your armor, you take a certain number of points of SDC damage from the impact. The amount you take per 10 MD depends on if you're in light, medium, or heavy armor. I ruled that energy weapons don't do pass through damage, but they have the old "frickin' impossible to dodge" modifier.