Thursday, September 25, 2014

Central Casting Dungeons, or, How to Spend Way Too Much Time Making a Boring Ass Dungeon

When I first moved to this town, I played in a campaign that used Central Casting to generate characters. We ended up with a guy who had a horse tail and a pair of twins, though one was born in an alley and one in a cave. Everyone was so poor they started with no equipment. One character owned another.

It fucking sucked, and we hated our ridiculous characters from the get go.

When I saw Central Casting Dungeons at the used book store, I should've known better, but it was like five bucks and appeared to be a big book of generating dungeons.

Really. Bland. Dungeons.

Far too much of the book, and far too much of the dungeon room generation entries treat us as if we have no idea how to draw a square or rectangular room on a piece of graph paper.

There's a table to tell you what metal a dungeon's smith specialized in.

The alchemist's room? Yeah, nothing except rolling to see what the dimensions of the room are.

Maybe I'm just spoiled by shit like the One Page Dungeon context and the early Raggi stuff and all you crazy bloggers and The Dungeon Alphabet... CCD (ha!) is just a big book that generates elaborately dull dungeons.

I suppose I should be thankful that I merely find this book bland, as opposed to the bile that usually rises in my throat from previous experiences with Central Casting books.


  1. I used it years back for a little while as it helped make dungeons that looked a little ifferent from what I was mappping but it's been in a box for a darned long time now as it was pretty bland.