Monday, September 8, 2014

In Which I Indict JB, With Much Adoration and Goodwill

JB, this is for you.

Re: JB and Rifts


  1. I don't get it, but you still made me smile.
    : )

    Seriously, as a person who has poured more money into Palladium over the years than I ever did with WotC/Hasbro (even when I *liked* 3rd edition), educate me?

    I mean, I know YOU rock, but can you write up a little primer (I'm thinking 4-6 pages) explaining how to run Rifts in a way that doesn't make us insane? Your last post didn't have enough hard data for my taste.
    ; )

    1. [or, to put it another way: I feel I have lots of "attitude" but I still can't make Rifts work despite playing since the first release of the first book more than two decades ago]

  2. I've got this brewing, homie.
    It's a busy week but I'll get it done soon... I think maybe I could do with saying a bit more on this particular subject.