Monday, October 27, 2014

Cryptworld + Majus + Creature Feature = ???

I think I may have finally found the World of Darkness replacement I've been searching for.
I downloaded Cryptworld, a clone of 1st edition Chill, because it was on sale.
I picked up Creature Feature (the book that lets you play the monsters) at a Half-Price Books in Overland Park when I attended KantCon last summer.
I downloaded Majus today after waffling on it for awhile.

So... Cryptworld provides the framework, Majus the rules for, you know, mages, and Creature Feature lets you play vampires, werewolves, mummies, and ghosts.


I think I may have finally replaced WoD. Granted, it kind of invalidates all the work I did on my Fudge Darkness game, but... mission accomplished?

We shall see...

Incidentally, I have 2nd edition Mayfair Chill and some supplements for it, but I don't know how compatible Mayfair and Pacesetter are off the top of my dome.


  1. Most of the Chill variations are decently compatible so that should be fine.

    The combination of games ought to work quite well for WOD without the baggage especially if you want a more "Hammer Horror" vibe to your monsters. I might and its better than the rather forced setting for WOD.

    Now I like the WOD especially the NWOD but this is more approachable , easier to learn and allows the GM more latitude,. YMMV of course and I think its a great idea.

    A caveat though, IMO the Pacesetter skill system needs a tweak. IME Its rather incoherent and poorly designed.

    You may want to weak the number of skills a bit and subdivide them in some fashion.

    Last I messed with this IIRC I gave people an arbitrary high number (like rolling 2nd to last I think) and lumped skills into appropriate backgrounds. Someone who had say a Police skill could reasonably know how to use a pistol and a stick as part of the job.

    I do like the idea of say a character with skills like School Teacher (Master) Woodsman (Beginner) First Aid (Beginner) and say Shotgun (Beginner) who is a hunter. Or one could have say Special Forces (Master) 3 Slots cost with History and Scholar for a real reader, technically the Spec-For guy is more useful since his skill includes more stealth and guns but both fit the genre well enough.

    Hope the suggestion helps and as someone who has run more horror than anything else, hope you have a great game and scare the pants off em.

  2. I'll have to read up on the skill system more for your suggestions to make sense, but I'm also definitely a fan of consolidating skills. Thanks for the input, though... this feels more and more like something I should give a try.

  3. Sounds like a great combination!