Friday, October 24, 2014

Icons... A Near-Impulse Almost-Purchase

So, I don't like Fate.
Not Core.
Not Accelerated.

I've already blogged about this and shan't waste time repeating the hows or whys.

That being said...

I was wandering through my Fate last night when I chanced upon "Icons: Assembled Edition" and found myself paging through it.

Despite being based on Fate, this feels like a game I could roll with. It has ability scores (using an adjective scale quite similar to Fudge, the venerable ancestor of Fate) It uses a 1d6 + whatever roll. It seems to have relatively normal/traditional mechanics for damage rather than all this stakey/consequency stuff. (Though there is some of that.)

 Interestingly, it seems that the creator of Icons is the guy who created Mutants & Masterminds, which I once briefly flirted with and quickly abandoned. It seems he wanted to get away from the crunch and clunk a little bit. I'm intrigued.

Not sure if I'm $35 intrigued, but still.... intrigued nonetheless.


  1. I have it, it takes quite a lot of inspiration from the old TSR Marvel. The pdf is (was?) quite cheap.

  2. You may have sold me on it with that Marvel comparison.

    The PDF is pretty reasonable, but the book is shiny and lovely and I'd like a hard copy of it, I think.