Sunday, November 23, 2014

Savage Worlds Tribe 8, Part the Third

Alright, so I've rethought the magic system. You can take any power as long as you can justify it/flavor it to your tribe's domains. There are obviously some that won't work; the healers and midwives of the Evites are unlikely to be able to use Blast or Zombie. Sell me on it and you can take it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to use Guilds. They seemed like a tacked on thing that didn't really add anything to the game. I mean, I like the idea of different factions within the eighth Tribe, but the ones as written didn't really do it for me.

Also, setting changes: This isn't post-apocalyptic Canada. (The only time I'd consider running post-apocalyptic Canada would be RIFTS. Missssssiles!) In fact, it's not even post-apocalyptic Earth. Nobody knows exactly what the world before looked like or what it was. In my mind, it's some vaguely cosmopolitan, soulless world of high technology and low scruples. It doesn't matter, because defining the world before is sort of contrary to the game's theme of the past being dead and the eighth tribe striving to build something new.

Finally, bestiary: Stat up some monsters. Some z'bri are growly beasties with claws and fangs. Some are alien horrors with magic of their own. Reskin monsters from Deadlands or whatever.

Man, converting stuff to Savage Worlds is easy. Why didn't I ever fly this route before?

This kind of makes me want to convert my other dusty old DP9 games to SW... although I think Heavy Gear would be better done with SWN, perhaps. Maybe I need to read over the mecha rules in the SW Sc-Fi book. Gear Krieg seems like a natural fit for SW. Jovian Chronicles could go either way, SWN or SW.

Hobby. Mental Illness. Who even knows anymore?

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  1. As somebody who's been to Montreal several times, I love the flavor. Having seen the Olympic stadium first hand I love the flavor it adds to think of it as Olympus. To each their own...