Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Savage Worlds + Tribe 8= ???

....well, actually you just get a Tribe 8 with a set of rules that I don't totally hate. About ten years ago, I was working on a conversion of Tribe 8 to Fudge, but... I think Savage Worlds might better fit my vision of T8.
(Or I'm just lazy. Fudge requires a lot of work. Probably lazy. Let's go with that.) 

So first, you pick the tribe you were born into before you left or got exiled. Each tribe gives you a little bonus, either a free skill at d6 or an attribute that starts at d6 rather than d4.

Baba Yaga/Yagans- d6 in Dreaming (Dreaming is basically the spellcasting skill)
Eva/Evites- d6 in Healing
Magdalene/Magdelites- d6 in Persuasion
Dahlia/Dahlians- +1 to Agility
Agnes/Agnites- +1 to Spirit
Joan/Joanites- d6 in Fighting
Tera Sheba/Shebans- d6 in Investigation

Aside from that, you just make a standard Savage Worlds character. 

Let's talk about Dreaming.
Dreaming is my less-WTF-name for Synthesis, the magic of T8. Synthesis involves manipulating the River of Dream, so we're just going to call it Dreaming. Bam.

In order to use Dreaming, you must take Arcane Background (Dream). The associated skill is Dreaming, which is tied to Spirit. It functions similar to the AB (Miracles) skill from the rule book, with the following changes:
-The Powers a character can use are restricted by their tribe
-Specifically, Boost/Lower Trait is restricted in terms of which Traits you can affect according to your tribe.

I don't have the SW book with me, so I can't divvy out the powers to the tribes just yet. That will be my next post, I believe.

Odd how easy this conversion is compared to my laborious attempts to make this a Fudge thing.  All hail Savage Worlds!



  1. You are going to call this "Eight Savage Tribes", right?

  2. Of course not! The seven tribes of the Fatimas are the pinnacle of civilization. Only the 8th tribe is savage!