Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The World of B/X Darkness?

For months, perhaps years, I have hemmed and hawed over a replacement for World of Darkness.
While I still think that using the Unisystem or using Cryptworld + Creature Feature + Majus might be the best substitute, I also thought of this...

B/X World of Darkness.

Fighters are werewolves.
Thieves are vampires.
Magic-users are witches.
Clerics, ironically, are cambions. (Half-devils)

Special powers and skills are done in the style of skills from Xplorers. I'm thinking that vamps and wolves will have four skills each. (Stealth, Speed, Shapeshifting, Gaze for vampires and Claws, Regeneration, Speed and Tracking for werewolves.) Witches and Cambions get spells plus two other abilities. (Making magic talismans and a familiar for witches, body weaponry and mortal domination/turning for Cambions, which works on the cleric's turn mechanic.)

I've worked up some basic experience tables in Excel, though I want to tweak them a little more before I post them. Of course, this does nothing to flesh out who a character is beyond their monstery type. I might tack on a LotFP-esque skill system for those who absolutely need to play a vampire hacker or werewolf cop or whatever and have it be mechanically significant.

So there you go, yet another solution to my WoD dilemma that seems a lot more feasible than my FUDGE game. I love FUDGE, I really do, but it has a vexing tendency towards front-loading the work, and it just doesn't seem as good for conversions in light of my other, more recent ideas.


  1. That is a pretty neat idea. Very elegant. I'm digging it.

  2. After all the wrasslin' I did with FUDGE earlier this year, this stupidly-simple solution kind of blows my mind... and also makes me wish I could get those hours back.