Tuesday, November 18, 2014

White Wolf + Unisystem = ???

So, here's a question that is not likely to be answered by the typical readership of this blog.

Could you do White Wolf/World of Darkness using the Unisystem die roll mechanic?

Here's the deal: I don't like chucking huge fistfulls of dice every time I want to do something and then bean-counting the successes.

Unisystem rates stats and skills generally on a 1-5, with higher stats possible for superhuman creatures.
White Wolf rates stats and skills 1-5.

Both systems call for Stat + Skill. White Wolf assigns a difficulty number (fixed at 8 in the latter version of the game) and Eden has you roll vs. a basic difficulty of 9 for an average task.

So... why couldn't I just borrow Eden's dice mechanic for White Wolf?

If I have Wits 3 and Computer 3 and I'm trying to get my hack on, instead of rolling 6 dice and counting successes, I roll 1d10+6, with 9 being the baseline difficulty. (Actually I think I'd bump it up to 10.) If you need to figure out how well a character succeeds, just check the margin of success (as opposed to counting successes in White Wolf.)

Any thoughts? And yes, I'm aware probabilities won't be exactly the same. I also don't care.

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