Friday, December 12, 2014

Deadlands Campaign Pt 2

The second leg of my pseudo-Deadlands campaign is underway.

December, 1878
City of Denver, Colorado Territory

The late Joseph Larimer, Jr., founder of Denver and sorcerer of considerable power, has passed away from serious illness. He willed most of his fortune to his eldest children, who struck out from Denver to found their own legacies in the corners of the globe. Rachel and Matthias, the youngest but perhaps most capable of the brood, are left in charge of the family manse and interests in the city. The Larimer family isn't the only power in Denver, however. The city is both the physical and metaphysical gateway to the West, and as such, several factions vie for control of it:

The Gilpin Family- Eternal rivals of the Larimers, family patriarch William Gilpin used political maneuvering, magical charms, and treachery to wrest the Governor's seat of Colorado Territory away from Joseph Larimer. Much like the Larimers, the Gilpins have a history and tradition of sorcery in the family, with William himself possibly surpassing the elder Larimer in power.

Cult of Auroria- A secret society of sorcerers who are in league with an entity known as Auroria, the Tattered Angel. The PCs vanquished the cult's branch in Creede, but it seems that a cell continues to operate in Denver. They seem to have some kind of feud with the Larimer family, but the current generation doesn't seem to know why.

The Denver-Pacific Railroad Company- This rail company is owned by industrial giant Smith and Robard. They are allied with the Larimers and intend to be the only rail access to Utah and California.

Wasatch Rail Lines- Owned by Hellstromme Industries, Wasatch is based out of Utah but has the same ambitions as Denver-Pacific. While not located in Denver, it is suspected that they have agents there to undermine their rival company.

There might be another faction or two in town, but I have two players who read this blog, so that information will remain unknown for the time being.

Our Player Characters:
Rachel Larimer- The youngest daughter of Joseph Larimer Jr and a budding sorceress. Rachel has also proven quite adept at dealing with the family's enemies.

Matthias Larimer- Youngest son of the Larimer family and also a sorcerer. Matthias has a clockwork prosthetic arm from a spell gone awry.

Bill- A hired gunman with hideous scars and a bristling hatred of supernatural creatures. Originally a hired gun for Matthias Larimer, Bill currently serves as the head of security for the Larimer manor.

Sebastian- The family butler and personal bodyguard of Rachel Larimer.

My game really only superficially resembles Deadlands at this point. I pretty much toss out Deadlands canon whenever it suits me.

I wonder which problem the PCs will tackle tonight...

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