Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dungeon Dozen + DMG

My shiny, shiny copy of the Dungeon Dozen arrived yesterday. I'm already delighted by multitudinous tables that reside therein. I mean, who doesn't want to roll on an Apocalyptic Visions Seen in a Crystal Ball table? This only makes me want to run my nascent idea for Swords & Wizardry that much harder. 

My copy of the 5e DMG ships today. It's supposed to arrive Thursday or Friday. I plan to really dig in to 5e over my winter break, which approaches with all the speed of a drunken walrus. (Next Friday, next Friday, next Friday...) I have ideas rattling around in my head for a 5e setting, though part of me feels this strange need to make my first foray into a new edition of Ye Auld Gaime to be something fairly...standard. We'll see what shakes out of my addled dome once the semester is concluded.

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