Monday, December 8, 2014

Horror on the Brain

On the heels of my B/X World of Darkness idea...

I backed Kevin Crawford's Silent Legions Kickstarter because I love all things Kevin Crawford and I love horror games. I have a copy of the beta rules, and while I have only had time to give them a cursory glance, I am pleased with what I see. I might adapt some B/X magic to it, selecting the spells very carefully to be genre-fitting. (So magic missile is out, but Protection from Evil is in, etc.) I might take it a step further and add the white/gray/black magic rules posted on Akratic Wizardry or adapt something similar of my own design.

My Ravenloft/Gothic Earth Skype group is slated to being playing again this Sunday after a two month hiatus. I'm actually tempted to try and convert the game to Silent Legions, but I might stick with my AD&D2/LotFP mashup, if only for consistency. I'll mention the idea to my two players and see what they think.

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