Monday, December 15, 2014

Ravenloft Rides Again

Yesterday I resumed my online Ravenloft/Gothic Earth campaign with Meghan and James. I ran a very, very, very heavily modified version of the werewolf adventure from The Book of Crypts, because most of the stuff in the BoC is just awful. In fact, I've modified it so heavily that really you could say I just took the premise, "village with a werewolf problem," and ran with it.

The players devised an absolutely brilliant solution to the town's werewolf problem. Having captured a forbidden tome containing a spell called Curse of Lycanthropy, the party's adept undertook the dicey task of learning the black spell and then researching a reverse, Cure Lycanthropy. Instead of simply slaying the beasts*, they are hunting them down during the daylight hours and de-cursing them with magic. Frickin' brilliant. The party also saved a poor villager from being wrongfully condemned with a well placed charm spell and some fast talking. 

I love how this group solves problems. Granted, they have little choice: there are only two of them and neither one is particularly combat-oriented.

Next week the party will hopefully manage to bust up the rest of the sinister Circle of the Moon, and perhaps hunt the beast that even werewolves are afraid of. (Dun dun dun)

*Well, they had to slay one... that's how they got their hands on the book with the cursing spell in it. 

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