Thursday, January 15, 2015

B/X WoD: Skills

If you don't like skills, don't use 'em

So. Skills. Pick four things your character can do. One of them is 12+, one is 14+, one is 16+, one is 18+.
They improve 1 every experience level. 

If you pick some kind of weapon training, you use the attack bonuses on the Soldier class from Xplorers.

Define your own skill list. Driving is a skill? Sure. Hacking? Occult Lore?

If you're the kind of GM who uses social skills, throw them on there.

Is this an enormous cop out? Maybe. I know what my skill list would look like:

-Weapon Training (specific weapon class- swords, rifles, )
-Driving (specific vehicle class, and this covers stunts/fancy driving)
-Occult Lore
-Science (specific branch)
-Contacts (specific area, like criminal, police, government, etc)
-Crafting (specific trade)


  1. Hmmn...I need something like this.

  2. I've played in your games before, but they were all games with social skills. Can I ask you what you use in it's place?

  3. Nevermind, I presume you use the 2d10 encounter reaction table in 2e or some such thing (B/X equivalent?) How easily I forget