Friday, January 16, 2015

B/X WOD: The Werewolf

Still suffering from formatting woes for the charts, but here is my basic write-up for the werewolf class for B/X WoD. I'm still not sure that the wolf form is useful enough... 

At a glance:

*Werewolves can shift into a normal wolf or a werewolf. The transformation takes a round, during which the werewolf is helpless and considered AC 9 . The transformation rends clothing and armor.

*On the night of the full moon, and the nights before and after, a werewolf is generally churlish and unpleasant, suffering a -2 to all Charisma or reaction checks. In a dangerous situation, he must roll a Mental Saving Throw or fly into a berserk state. If a natural 1 is rolled, he will automatically change into werewolf form if not in it already.

*Werewolves take 1 extra point per die from silver weapons, and the may not regenerate damage from such wounds, healing instead at the normal rate. This extra damage applies regardless of form. Non-weapon items made of silver are physically irritating, but don't cause any damage.

*Werewolves are nauseated by wolf's bane and monk's hood. If within 20 feet of it, they must make a Physical Effect save or be unable to enter the area. Even if they make the save, they are at -1 to attacks, saves, and skill checks. They may not use their Track ability for 2d6 turns after exposure due to sensory overload from the unpleasant stench.

*Werewolves can't regenerate damage from fire, they must heal it normally. They do not take any extra damage from fire, however.

*Werewolves reduced to 0 hit points make a Physical Saving Throw. If they fail, they die normally. If they succeed, they will revive in an hour. The revival can be prevented if the downed werewolf is hit with a silver weapon, magic weapon, or fire. At the GM's discretion, a werewolf body subjected to massive trauma might not revive. (Fed to a wood chipper, rolled over by a steam roller, thrown into a volcano, etc.) 

*Werewolves feel naturally uncomfortable in the presence of magic. They cannot use magic in any form, and do not like to have spells cast on them, including beneficial ones.

HD: d10- note that werewolves have the same hit point total in all three forms.

AC:  Werewolves have thick hide and tough muscles, often able to shrug off damage entirely. They enjoy this bonus only when shifted; human form werewolves have a base AC of 9.

MV/Leap: Werewolves are capable of incredible speed, loping across vast distances faster than humans. Listed next to heir move is the amount of each move they can use for a super powered leap when in hybrid form, clearing obstacles and enemies as needed. They can jump upward using half their leap rate. In human form, they have the normal base move of 120 and cannot leap. Wolf form adds +10 to the movement rate, but cannot perform leaps.

Tracking: Werewolves can track prey they have encountered via scent. They can also track someone if they have an object recently handled by that person. They must roll the number or less on a d20. The GM is free to apply penalties or bonuses as appropriate to the situation. (Rain, downwind, etc) Werewolves can use this ability in human form, but apply + 4 to their target number. (A 2nd level werewolf in human form would have to roll 15+ instead of his normal 11+) 

Claws/Bite:In hybrid form, werewolves can attack with two claws per round, or with one more devastating bite. As they level, they can do all three in one round, with the attacks becoming more powerful as per the chart. In wolf form, the werewolf can only bite.

Regeneration: The werewolf body is gifted with the ability to regenerate even the most grievous of wounds. The number of hit points and time interval improve as the werewolf grows in power. Damaged organs and severed limbs can be reattached by means of regeneration. A werewolf regenerates regardless of what form it is presently in.

Howl: A werewolf can issue a special howl once per night. This howl has a radius of one mile per level. The howl is instantly recognized by all werewolves within range and give them a general idea of the werewolf's current location and emotional state. Non-werewolves cannot differentiate this howl from an ordinary wolf howl. This ability is obviously unusable in human form.


  1. I cannot love this enough. Fantastic. Right up my alley!

  2. Thank you! I'd like to hear your feedback on all the BXWoD classes if you're so inclined.

  3. I agree, this is fantastic stuff. Would love to see a pdf of this all compiled when you are finished.

    1. That's the plan. I have the classes, now I just need to get the spells and Maledictions sorted out. I'm thinking about removing the Gray Path and making Witches take a stand!