Saturday, January 17, 2015

BXWOD: The Cambion

Cambions are humans who have a demonic ancestor. While pairings between humans and demons are almost unheard of in the modern era, there are humans who have the taint of hell in their bloodlines. Demonic blood is unpredictable, skipping many generations, manifesting at different stages in life, etc. The typical bloodline produces a cambion once every 3-6 generations. Most of the time, cambions are physically indistinguishable from normal humans, though they tend to be either noticeably ugly or very pretty. Cambions develop the ability to temporarily alter their physical forms, during which time some of their evil heritage shows through.

Cambions at a glance:

*Cambions are mortal. A cambion reduced to 0 hit points by any means is slain.

*Cambions take 1d8 damage if holy water is thrown on them.

*Cambions can be held at bay with a holy symbol if presented by someone with actual belief in that deity. They must make a Mental Save or they cannot approach within ten feet of the person. On a save of natural 1, they must flee for 1d6 rounds. The cambion's own religious leanings do not make them immune to this in any way.

HD: d6

AC: Cambions are slightly tougher than normal humans. A cambion of sufficient power actually has armor-like skin, though it appears normal to others. 

Natural Weapons Cambions often manifest natural weaponry reminiscent of their demonic heritage: whip-like tails, claws, horns, body spikes, etc. The player decides this at first level. At-will, the cambion can manifest these weapons. They may make one attack per round and inflict the damage listed. While the weapons are manifested, the cambion typically gains obviously inhuman features: glowing eyes, vestigial horns or wings, reddish skin color, etc. Once manifested, the cambion cannot resume normal human appearance for 1d4 rounds.

Maledictions: The infernal blood of the cambion allows them to learn the Maledictions, inherent magical abilities similar to spells. Cambions access spells similar to the way clerics do. Spell lists and rules forthcoming.

Domination: Cambions inherit forceful personalities. In the ancient world, demons often set themselves up to be worshipped as gods, and some of that trickles through to their distant mortal progeny. Cambions can assert dominion over mortal humans. This works just like turning undead, with mortals counting as usually 1 HD undead. Humans with levels count their level as their HD. Supernatural creatures, including witches, cannot be dominated. Note that getting a "D" result means that the cambion can elect to keep that human as a thrall. Cambions can hold a total HD of thralls  equal to their experience level. While thralls are useful, their will is utterly broken. They are pathetic, servile creatures. They will exhibit little ambition of their own and will never fulfill the potential they could've been capable of as free willed individuals. They gain half experience points, where applicable.
Beings that willingly choose to serve a cambion count against the total enthrallment HD. Willing beings do not suffer from an experience penalty and retain their ambition and personality. The cambion has the ability to give their spell slots away to their mortal servants, and can use Malediction on them from any distance worldwide.


  1. It took awhile, but it's growing on me.

  2. Just the Cambion class, or the whole B/X WoD?

  3. The whole B/X WOD idea. I've never been much of a fan of WOD and I'm kind of over vampires and werewolves on account of all the bad representations of them in popular culture that I caught while finding something my wife and I could watch together. Maybe a good rule set and a good GM would change my mind, but I can't quite wrap my head around a witch, a werewolf, a vampire and a demon-spawn hanging out together. It reminds me of all the bad things I hate about these shows I just referenced. But the more I think about it, the more I like it, but that might be my nostalgia for B/X talking.
    So I probably would play the cambion, which is just as well because it would give me a chance to play a class (the cleric - kind of) that I normally wouldn't.

  4. I just heard Jim Jarmusch did a vampire movie, that might get me over my hang ups

  5. Nathan- I envision this particular campaign as a sort of "supernatural police" situation, a la Night Watch. The characters would be assigned to a faction that keeps the local supernatural population in check. (Keeps vampires from overfeeding, creatures from exposing the supernatural, etc.) And I would totally watch a Jarmusch vampire flick.

  6. I'm in! And I'd play any of the classes. Good job