Wednesday, January 28, 2015

BXWoD Class: The Weirdling

So, my friend Nathan has been bouncing some ideas off me for BXWoD, both in the comments section of previous entries and via email. One thing we finally managed to do was name the fae-ish class. Behold, the weirdling.

Weirdlings are humans who have True Fae ancestry. While the presence of True Fae in the modern world is rare (to say nothing of a union between a human and a True Fae), such couplings have happened throughout history, particularly in the Middle Ages. Fae blood is a fickle and capricious thing; it stays forever in the family tree, manifesting once every few generations with the odd period of dormancy.

Weirdlings at a glance:

*Weirdlings are mortal, and can be slain by mundane means.

*Cold iron weapons inflict 1 extra point per die against weirdlings. Jewelry or ornamentation made of cold iron physically irritates their skin, but does not cause any damage.

*Someone bearing clover, St. John's Wort, or at least one foot of rowan or ash wood is protected from weirdling glamours. Such an individual receives a second saving throw if the first fails, and receives a saving throw even against glamours that would normally not allow them.

* Weirdlings use d4 for hit dice.

*Weirdlings can use glamours, inherent magical abilities of manipulation, enchantment, and deception. They can cast any glamour without preparation, though they still have spell slots limiting how many times a day they can cast glamours of various levels.

*Weirdlings can enter into a contract with an individual. The individual must be completely willing and under no charm, magical compulsion, or physical duress. The weirdling can temporarily loan their glamour slots, trigger the use of a glamour in a states situation from any range, give the individual a temporary bonus to Charisma up to the weirdling's level (maximum 20, which is unearthly beauty or command). The weirdling can demand anything in terms of payment.Weirdlings never enter into a contract that does not involve substantial payment. Note that weirdlings can transfer levels, spell slots ,or other abilities in exchange for their bonus.
The weirdling cannot break their end of the contract; their bonus transfers to the individual regardless of the weirdling's desires. If the individual breaks the contract, the weirdling can inflict one of the following penalties (in addition to immediate revocation of benefits)- Loss of an experience level, Charisma drops to 3 for up to a month, suffering the effects of a curse spell, etc. If the individual then fulfills their end of the bargain, the penalty automatically ends.Weirdlings can have one contract active for each experience level.

*Weirdlings are naturally beguiling. If given the chance to talk, sing, or otherwise interact with individuals, weirdlings can improve the reaction category of an NPC by one level. Supernatural beings and heroic mortals can make a Mental Saving throw to resist, as can normal mortals who are hostile. The chart indicates what penalty the target makes on their saving throw. At 1st level, a weirdling can beguile only a single individual. At 5th level, a weirdling can beguile a small crowd. (Up to 2d4 individuals) At 9th level, they can influence larger crowds. (3d6) The beguilement ends when the target can no longer see or hear the weirdling, or if the weirdling or any of the weirdling's obvious allies take a hostile action to the target. 

This class is still under construction, particularly the contract ability. I've made the chart in Excel, but I think I'll post all the actual charts when Nathan does me a solid and makes them into a PDF.