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BXWoD: The Fringer

 This class is under heavy construction, but here's what I've got so far. (Once again, thanks to Nathan for the ideas/concepts.)
The Fringer-
Despite the secrecy of the supernatural world, there are humans who nonetheless discover it. Some walk down the wrong alley on the wrong night, others are lured in to be prey or servants, and a rare few are rescued by a supernatural benefactor. While most humans instinctively rationalize or put the events out of their mind, there are some who are drawn to the shadows. The slang term for these humans is "fringers." Some of them become trusted servants, spies and allies, while others are pitiful pretenders who glamorize the supernatural world and long to be part of it.
The Fringer at a glance:
-Fringers use d4 for Hit Dice.
-Fringers are mortal and can be slain by mundane means.
-Unlike the other classes, fringers are considered heroic mortals rather than supernatural beings.
At creation, Fringers choose four special talents. These talents improve as the Fringer gains levels.
*Informant Network- Fringers stick their noses around the supernatural world, flies on the wall in vampire nightclubs, poseurs among with circles and the like. This is the chance a fringer will know about an event or rumor in the supernatural world, or will know some lore about a particular supernatural being. The GM may require the Fringer to spend 1d6 hours hitting the pavement. Fringers who offer up blood, cash, Talismans, or similar forms of enticement may receive a bonus at the GM's discretion.
*Skulk- Fringers often lurk, either following supernatural creatures to observe or trying to keep their heads down at supernatural galas. This isn't quite the supernatural stealth that vampires have, but it's better than mundane stealth. A successful skulking roll allows the fringer to move silently or hide in shadows. The fringer can even evade supernatural detection for up to 1 round per experience level. After that, they still remain hidden from mundane perception, but spells and supernatural senses will catch them.

*Gutter Magic- Sometimes fringers can beg, borrow, steal, or cajole the secrets of magic from witches. They learn a single 1st level witch spell which they can cast once per day. Every experience level, they can learn an additional 1st level spell. They have spell slots equal to a witch of half their experience level, rounded up. Fringers can never learn spells stronger than 1st level.

*Occult Lore- Some fringers obsessively learn all they can about the various types of magic and monsters. A fringer can make a roll to know something about a species of supernatural creature or magical effect.
*Sneak Attack- Being considerably weaker than vampires, werewolves, cambions, and other supernaturals, fringers often master the art of the sucker punch as a way to level the playing field. A fringer attacking an unaware supernatural creature gains a +4 to hit and inflicts an extra die of damage to the target. Fringers can also make a sucker punch on the first round of combat provided they are not attacked or targeted before they use the ability. Note that sneak attacks are subject to whatever immunities or resistances the supernatural creature possesses. (It is unwise to sneak attack a werewolf without a supernatural weapon.) Sneak attacks can be done with ranged weapons, but only to a distance of 30 feet/10 yards.
*Poseur- Fringers can adopt the mannerisms of a particular supernatural creature. With a successful roll, they gain +2 reaction rolls to NPCs they are conversing with and can pass themselves off as that type of supernatural. The ruse can be revealed through magic. Obviously the deception will not hold long, especially if placed into a circumstance where the fringer has to demonstrate an ability they do not have.

*Sixth Sense- Fringers who stay alive for long learn to sense danger. This is a roll the GM makes when the fringer is about to walk into a dangerous situation. Success gives only the idea that something is off. At the GM's discretion, this ability gives the fringer the general location of a concealed supernatural being in the area.
*Dealer- The Fringer has contacts with people who can come up with supernatural black market goods- vampire blood, silver bullets, etc. These items still have a monetary cost, but the items can be secured easily in 2d6 hours.

*Vassal- The Fringer can form a bond with a supernatural being. The being must be higher than the fringer's level and is typically an NPC. The fringer gains an ability listed below, but in return they are bound to the service of this NPC benefactor. All supernatural means of coercion used by their master automatically succeed.
Vampire- The fringer can learn Might, Stealth, or Black Magic and use it as a vampire two levels lower. (minimum 1st level) The fringer must consume 1 point of vampire blood per week to maintain these abilities.
*Werewolf- The fringer gains animal instinct. They use d6s for hit dice and can discern a werewolf howl from a normal howl.  They also receive +1 to hit and damage in melee combat.
*Witch- Fringers who consort with witches gain the ability to make Talismans as a witch two levels lower (minimum 1st). They cannot sacrifice their own hit points, but they can sacrifice the hit points of others. They can only make 1st level Talismans, and only of spells their master knows.

*Cambion- The cambion learns to use simple Maledictions. They can select 1 Malediction that they can use once per day. Each time they gain a level, they can choose to gain an extra use per day OR another 1st level Malediction.
*Weirdling- The vassals of a weirdling gain the ability to Beguile. They can use this as a Weirdling two levels lower. (minimum 1st level)
*Revenant- Fringers gain the same enemy as their master.

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