Sunday, January 18, 2015

B/XWOD: The Witch

Witches at a glance:

*Witches are mortal. A witch reduced to 0 hit points by any means is killed.

*Witches who take a familiar develop a strange, nipple-like growth somewhere on their bodies. This growth mostly resembles an ugly mole and is generally not that unusual unless the witch is searched by a trained observer. Witches with no familiar do not develop this mark.

*Being mortal has its benefits: witches have no special weaknesses or substances that repulse or damage them.

Witch Powers:

Spells- A witch has access to spells. Spell slots work as with D&D rules. At 1st level, witches must choose whether they follow the Light Path, Gray Path, or Dark Path. (Differences will be posted with the magic rules, forthcoming) They can change this Path later, but it isn't easy.

Talismans- Witches can create talismans, which are magical objects imbued with power. These cost spell slots that remain invested in the item until it is used up or destroyed. To create a talisman, the witch must roll equal to or less than the number on a d20. On a failure, the witch can try again in a week, or reroll at the cost of 1d6 points of Constitution. Lost Con points return at the rate of 1/week. A witch reduced to 0 Constitution by this method dies, and often leaves behind a more powerful but cursed item. Witches can only have as many active talismans as their experience level. (A 4th level witch may have four talismans active at once, for instance.) Full talisman rules will be posted with magic.

Evil Eye- Witches are gifted with the ability to manipulate Fate. A witch angered may place a curse upon a victim with their gaze. This works like the curse spell and requires the witch to gaze upon the victim for a full round. Normal mortals are not entitled to a saving throw, though supernatural creatures can attempt a Mental Saving Throw. If the witch has a bit of hair, blood, bodily fluids, or a personal belonging of the subject, the witch can lay this curse from any range, though it takes an hour to do so instead of a round.
A witch who inflicts a curse gains a karmic debt. At some point in the future, the GM can force the witch to fail any single attack roll, saving throw, skill or ability check that they have rolled a success on. The witch incurs one such karmic backlash for each and every curse that they levy on another.
Witches do not gain karmic debt for a curse that is negated through a saving throw, but they retain karmic debt for curses that are alleviated some other way. (Most likely White Magic.)

Familiar- Witches can summon a spirit to act as their familiar. Witches do not have to do this; the decision to take a familiar is up to the witch.
The ritual to find a familiar takes an entire night, after which the character rolls on a chart to determine the type of familiar that arrives. If no familiar arrives, the ritual cannot be attempted again for a month.
When a witch bonds with a familiar, it acts as an extension of the witch's senses. As the witch grows in power, so to does the familiar, gaining +2 hp beyond the animal's normal type each time the witch levels, and -1 AC every other level. Familiars also gain the ability to deliver a witch's spell with their touch, or the Evil Eye with their own gaze.
If a witch's familiar is killed or dispelled, the witch must roll a Physical Save or suffer the loss of 1d4 points of Constitution, permanently. 
Familiars can assist with the learning of spells and the creation of Talismans. See the magic rules for further details.

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