Friday, January 9, 2015

The Obligatory (and Belated) 2014 Retrospective

I've let my blog go neglected these past few weeks. The holidays and then getting set up for a new semester have left me little time to wax on about gaming.

So, the bad parts of gaming in 2014:
-I parted ways with the Sunday group (very early in the year...or was it late 2013...?)
-I lost my friend and GM, Mike, to cancer
-I failed to finish my WoD replacement game 

The good parts of gaming in 2014:
-I rejoined the Thursday group
-I ran RIFTS for the first time and really enjoyed it
-I started up a Deadlands game that's still running
-I started up a Skype Ravenloft campaign that's still running
-I went to BritishFest and ran a TSR UK module and some WFRP 
-I went to KantCon and had an amazing time running/playing games
-I backed Kevin Crawford's latest Kickstarter and am loving the beta rules
-I was pleasantly surprised by D&D 5e
-My LGS opened up a new location, bigger, better, and brighter.
-I blogged far more than my slack-ass 2013 offerings

Stuff for 2015 that I'm looking forward to: (gaming stuff, anyway)
-Trying my hand at DMing 5e
-Finishing my WoD replacement game
-Getting the final draft of Silent Legions
-Another year of KantCon 
-Another year of BritishFest
-2015 means that the gritty future of Cyberpunk 2020 is only five years away. (Not really, but I can dream...)

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