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BXWoD Magic: Glamours

Glamours are the inherent magical abilities of the Fae. These are all magics which deceive and manipulate, though some of the more potent glamours can also manipulate the ethereal stuff of shadow.

A 1st level Weirdling begins the game with 1d4 randomly determined glamours of 1st level. Every time a weirdling gains a level, he instinctively learns 1 randomly determined glamour of every level he is able to cast.

Being inherent abilities, weirdlings do not encode their glamours in scrolls or books. They can, however, teach each other glamours or learn glamours from the Fae. Such tutelage is never without a steep price, however. A weirdling can obviously only learn a glamour of the level he is capable of casting. Glamours count as neither Black nor White magic.

When casting glamours, wierdlings need to sing, hum, and gesture. They often have little rhyming songs or phrases that trigger their spells. Clever weirdlings will work this into some kind of catch phrase or conversation piece.

Note that weirdlings can only cast up to 4th level glamours; those of 6th level or higher are the realm of the True Fae. A True Fae can bestow the boon of a one-time use of a greater glamour, but of course there will be a price to pay. The boon is a one-and-done deal; a weirdling can never truly learn a glamour of 5th level or higher.

The actual glamour list is drawn largely from AD&D1 and from Nathan Irvings mighty supplement, The Basic Illusionist (which is PWYW, by the by) Here's my list of glamours allowed in the game:
(Roll 1d20 to determine the glamour learned. Reroll any glamour already known) 

Lv 1
1.Audible Glamer
2. Change Self
3. Color Spray
4. Dancing Lights
5. Detect Illusion (any illusion, created by glamour, spell, or otherwise)
6. Detect Invisibility (including stealth-using vampires)
7. Detect Magic (any spell, glamour, malediction, or talisman)
8. Faerie Fire
9. False Script
10.Gaze Reflection
11. Hypnotism
12. Light
13. Phantasmal Force
14. Prestidigitation
15. Read Languages
16. Spook
17. Ventriloquism
18. Wall of Fog
19. Wizard Mark 
20. Player's choice

Lv 2
1. Blindness
2. Blur
3. Charm Person
4. Darkness 15 ft Radius
5. Fog Cloud
6. Invisibility
7. Magic Mouth
8. Mirror Image
9. Misdirection
10. Phantasmal Force
11. Pyrotechnics
12. Scare
13. Silence 15 ft Radius
14. Suggestion
15. Wall of Shadow
16-18. GM's choice
19-20. Players' Choice

Lv 3
1. Blink
2. Continual Darkness
3. Continual Light
4. Dispel Illusion
5. Enthrall
6. Hallucinatory Terrain (urban counts as a valid terrain type)
7. Invisibility, 10 Ft. Radius
8. Non-Detection
9. Paralyzation
10. Wall of Light

Lv. 4
1. Confusion
2. Dispel Magic (spells, glamours, maledictions)
3. Emotion
4. Fear
5. Illusionary Wall
6. Improved Invisibility
7. Improved Phantasmal Force
8. Madness
9. Massmorph
10. Phantasmal Killer

Lv. 5
 1. Animate Shadow
2. Dream
3. Mass Suggestion
4. Mirage Arcana
5. Permanent Image
6. Project Image
7. Seeming
8. Shadow Door
9. Shadow Evocation
10. Summon Shadow

Although some glamours have the same name and effect as some spells, they are not considered spells. Being inherent abilities, they can't be written down or put into talismans. Weirdlings cannot learn spells, even if the spell is the same as one of their glamours. (Charm Person, etc) Likewise, witches and others cannot learn glamours.

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