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BXWoD Magic: Maledictions

Maledictions are inherent magical abilities possessed by cambions, an inheritance from their demonic ancestors. Some legends suggest that True Demons really are fallen Angels, and that their true language can reshape reality and some of that ability is passed to their descendants. Others argue that since concrete evidence of the existence of Angels is lacking, that Maledictions are simply a weaker version of a reality warping magic that Demons are capable of using.

Maledictions are the willful exertion of the cambion's will upon reality, usually to assert dominance over others or to punish enemies or disloyal servants. Though the words listed below are in Latin, the cambion can really use any sort of word; the speaking of a word forcefully is simply a conduit for the cambion's power.
Cambions must speak loudly in order to use Maledictions.

Here are the Maledictions in my game. Note that the Latin is poorly translated and misconjugated I'm sure, because I did it with flippin' Google. It's just a game and they sound cool, so I don't particularly care. Most of them are drawn from or inspired by reversed cleric spells from AD&D or the Rules Compendium.

For whatever purposes might come up, Maledictions are considered Black magic. Mortals do not receive saving throws against Maledictions unless they are heroic mortals. Supernatural beings get saving throws unless otherwise specified.

Cambions can cast any Malediction from any list they are of sufficient level to cast, so long as they have spell slots remaining. Note that they do not gain the ability to use Maledictions until they reach the 2nd level of experience.

Lv. 1
Castigare-  Caster strikes target and inflicts 1d6+1 damage. No save.
Fateor- Works like witch's detect evil spell
Aperio- Works like witch's detect magic spell.
Tenebris- Extinguishes all light sources, natural or electric, in a 30 ft. radius.
Noli Me Tangere- Works as witch's Protection from Evil spell.
Putesco- All food within 15 ft rots, all water/fluids become corrupted

Lv. 2
Delinquo- Target within 30 ft suffers -1 to attacks, saves, and spells for 1/round per cambion level.
Admonitio- Works like witch's Detect Snares & Pits.
Claudeo- Works at witch's Hold Person
Tace- Works as witch's Silence 15 ft Radius
Loquere Ad Me: Acts as witch's Speak with Animals, but cambion can force the animals to speak truthfully

Lv. 3
Nox Eterna- Acts as wierdling's Continual Darkness
Aegrotus- Inflicts a disease on a touched target. Subject loses 1 Str and Con per day. When either reaches zero, subject dies. Modern medical care will allow a Saving Throw every day, even for mortals. Three successful saves fights off the disease.
Invenio- Works like witch's Locate Object
Interroga- Works like witch's Speak with Dead, but cambions can force the dead to speak truthfully.
Calumnia- Places a curse on the target. They suffer -4 to attack rolls, skill rolls, and save for an amount of time set by the cambion. The target gets a saving throw every month to break the curse if heroic mortal or supernatural. 

Lv. 4 
Vulnerare- Caster strikes target and inflicts 3d6+1.
Ad Venenum- Cambion's body weaponry becomes poisonous; living targets struck must save vs. poison or die.
Vade Retro- Works as Protection from Evil 10 ft. Radius
Parere Serpens- Works as witch's Sticks to Snakes.

Lv. 5
Rogo Autem Te- Works like Contact Other Plane. Contacts Demon Princes.
Extinctus- Works like witch's Finger of Death
Plaga- Works like witch's Plague of Insects
Mandatum- Works like witch's Quest.

Maledictions are inherent magical abilities, therefore they can't be transcribed or put into a talisman. Even when a Malediction functions as a spell or glamour, it isn't considered one. Witches and weirdlings cannot use Maledictions, nor can cambions use spells or glamours. Cambions can only gain new Maledictions by rising in level.

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