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BXWoD Magic Spells, Part 1 (Draft1)

Magic is an ancient and little understood force. The most common type of magic in BXWoD is spell magic. Spells are brief rituals that produce a specific effect. Most spells have been lost to time. Some say they are the remnants of ancient contracts between the first witches and the spirits, but who can say for sure? While witches are the masters of spell magic, some vampires and fringers can access that power in a lesser capacity.

Witches keep their known spells in a Book of Shadows, which functions like a B/X magic-user's spell book. Witches can learn any spell they are of sufficient level to cast. (Read Magic doesn't exist in BXWoD) Witches do not part with their secrets easily; even a master witch typically does not teach most of his spells to an apprentice.

A witch can cast any spell she knows, provided she has sufficient spell slots remaining that day.

Note that some spells are marked as White magic, and some are Black. These spells focus spiritually positive or negative energy. Most spells lack these designations and are sometimes called Gray magic. (Or Grey if you're English or just an Anglophile) "Color" magic has the following effects:

*A witch cannot cast both White and Black magic spells on the same day. One a witch has cast a Black magic spell, White magic spells will not function for her until the next day. (Though they may have both types of spells in the same Book of Shadows)

*Vampires cannot prepare or cast White magic spells, in fact, they cannot benefit from White spells. (A shield spell will not protect a vampire, etc.)  Gray spells function as if the vampire were one level lower. (Minimum 1st) Black magic spells function normally for vampires.

*Fringers cannot prepare or cast White or Black magic spells; those who can use magic are rudimentary students at best and can't harness the nuances of these spells.

Note that witches often title their spells. One witch might call a cure light wounds spell "The Hand of Aesclepius"  while another might call it "Succor," but they are both cure light wounds.

Most of the spells are taken from Swords & Wizardry complete. I've imported a few other spells from other sources, marked with **. Original spells, or spells which have been altered heavily are marked **. (Those will be posted later)

Note that typically mortals do not receive saving throws to resist spells unless they are heroic mortals. (This includes fringers) All supernaturals are entitled to saving throws vs. spells unless the spell says otherwise.

Spell levels 1-3:

Lv. 1
Charm Person (Works on mortals. Heroic mortals get a save)
Cure Light Wounds [White]
Detect Evil (Detects supernatural beings, summoned beings, curses on people/objects/places)
Detect Magic (Detects spells, glamours, maledictions, talismans)
Detect Snares & Pits (Detects traps, ambushes, hazards)
Faerie Fire
Hold Portal
Locate Animals (natural animals only, not humans)
Magic Missile [Black]
Predict Weather
Protection from Evil (works against supernatural beings, summoned beings)
Purify Food and Drink
Read Languages (works even on electronic text)
Shield Other** [White]
Shield Self **
Sleep (Works on mortals/heroic mortals)

Lv 2
Bless [White]
Continual Light
Create Water
Darkness, 15 ft Radius [Black]
Detect Invisibility (includes vampires using stealth)
Heat Metal
Hold Person (applies to mortals, heroic mortals get a save)
Locate Plants 
Locate Object
Magic Mouth
Mirror Image
Obscuring Mist
Phantasmal Force
Produce Flame
 Silence, 15 ft Radius
Snake Charm
Speak With Animals
Stinking Cloud [Black] 
Warp Wood
Wizard Lock 

Lv 3
Call Lightning
Continual Light
Cure Disease [White]
Dispel Magic
Explosive Runes [Black]
Haste (the spell does not age undead or werewolves)
Hold Animal
Invisibility 10 ft Radius
Monster Summoning I  [Black]
Neutralize Poison [White]
Plant Growth
Prayer [White or Black]
Protection against Fire [White]
Protection from Evil, 10 ft Radius [White]
Protection from Normal Missiles (includes bullets) 
Remove Curse [White]
Speak with Dead [Black]
Water Breathing

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