Thursday, February 5, 2015

BXWoD Magic Spells Pt II

More spells by level:

Lv 4
Animal Summoning I (natural animals only) 
Charm Monster (supernatural beings)
Control Temperature, 10 ft Radius
Cure Serious Wounds [White] (does not work on undead)
Dimension Door
Extension I
Fear [Black]
Hallucinatory Terrain (urban counts as terrain)
Ice Storm
Insect Plague [Black]
Monster Summoning II [Black]
Plant Door
Polymorph Other [Black]
Polymorph Self
Protection against Lightning [White]
Shadow Door**
Speak with Plants
Wall of Fire
Wall of Ice
Wizard Eye

Lv 5
Animal Growth
Animal Summoning II
Animate Dead [Black] (creates skeletons and zombies)
Cloudkill [Black]
Commune [Black] (this communes with Demon Princes) 
Commune with Nature (this communes with the spirit world) 
Conjuration of Elementals 
Contact Other Plane [Black] (this communes with Faerie/True Fae)
Control Winds
Create Food
Dispel Evil [White]
Extension II
Feeblemind [Black]
Finger of Death [Black]
Hold Monster (supernatural beings)
Magic Jar
Monster Summoning III [Black]
Quest [White or Black] 
Raise Dead** [Black]
Replace Dead** [White] 
Sticks to Snakes
Transmute Rock to Mud
Wall of Iron (can be cold iron at caster's option)
Wall of Stone 

Next up: Ritual Magic

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