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BXWoD Magic: Talismans Pt. 1- Potions (Draft)

So I was kind of on a BXWoD roll, but then grad school got in the way, along with a two week Endless Cold from Hell.

However, my homework is done and my immune system is victorious. Thus, Talismans.

Most Talismans are objects that have a spell infused into them. (See my writeup of the BXWoD Witch class)

Although most of the archaic forms of Talisman have fallen into disuse, potions remain surprisingly popular in the modern era. Although they are often of exotic color and temperament, so are many commercial sports drinks. The truly bizarre looking potions can also be poured into opaque containers like hip flasks.

Potions can be "tested" by sipping them. A Witch has a 10% chance per level of correctly identifying a potion. If they fail, they cannot discern what it is. If they roll 91+ on the percentile dice, they identify it incorrectly. (The GM should choose a potion of a similar color) Vampires and Fringers who have access to magic spells have a 5% chance per level of being able to identify, and misidentify on the roll of 80+. 

Potions detect as magical to Detect Magic. While the general type of magic can be determined, the exact spell cannot. Detect Evil will reveal if the potion would have a detrimental effect on the imbiber. Dispel Magic will render a potion forever inert. Remove Curse will utterly destroy a Cursed Potion, but has no effect otherwise.

Unless otherwise noted, the imbiber must drink the entire potion for it to work, and potions last 1d6+4 turns. There is no way for the subject to know how long the potion will last.

A person can only benefit from one potion at a time. If a second is rolled, the subject must make a Physical Save or vomit forth potion potions, ending the effect of the first and wasting both. If the subject succeeds, roll 1d6. 1-2= first potion remains in effect, second potion is wasted. 3-4= both potions rendered inert, first potion's effects immediately end. 5-6= first potion's effects end immediately, second potion's effects begin normally.

Undead cannot benefit from potions, and will vomit them up moments after consuming them. (Rendering them inert) Vampires who know magic can still test potions, as described above.

To brew a potion, a Witch must have the ingredients (determined by the GM), access to a particular spell, and a laboratory or cauldron. The Witch spends 1d4 hours, expends the spell slot, and rolls 1d20+experience level. On the result of a 20 or higher, the potion is successfully created. The spell slot remains expended until the potion is consumed. If the roll fails, the witch can use her own life force, adding hit points to make up the difference. These hit points can only be recovered through natural rest. On the roll of a 1, the spell slot is wasted (though can be recovered normally) and roll on the Potion Calamity table below.
Potions have a shelf life of 1d6 weeks before they spoil and become inert. (The Witch may then regain their spell slot normally)
If a Witch pours the last of their hit points into a potion to complete it, they die and the potion becomes Cursed. Cursed potions never spoil.

Potion Calamity (Roll d20)

1-The potion is an Abomination potion (see Cursed Potions) The imbiber must make a Physical Save or be turned into an Abomination. The potion will detect as normal to all tests.
2-Abomination Potion- As above, but the potion has a 50% chance of turning solid black in color, like oil. It also detects as malevolent to the appropriate spells and "off" to the appropriate tests.
3-4- Poison. Anyone who drinks this potion must roll a Physical Save or die. The potion detects as a normal potion to all tests.
5-6 Poison- As above, but the potion has a 50% chance of turning a lurid green and the potion detects as malevolent or off to tests/spells.
7-8 Lab Explodes- The lab or cauldron explodes, being utterly destroyed. Everyone within 20 feet suffers 3d6 damage. (Agility Save for half) If anyone is killed in this explosion, there is a 50% chance that it will leave behind Blood Unguent. (See Cursed Potions)
9-10- The potion looks and tests normal, but has the opposite effect intended.
11-12 As above, but the potion has a 50% chance of turning a different color. It won't detect as evil, but it will test as "off."
13-15 The potion detects as magical and tests normally, but it has absolutely no effect.
16-18 As above, but the potion has a 50% chance of turning a sludgy brown color and does not detect as magical.
19-The potion looks and tests normally, but has the effect of a randomly determined other potion. If the random roll is the same type of potion intended, the caster lucks out.
20-As above, but the potion has a 50% chance of turning a charcoal gray color. If the randomly rolled result is the same as the intended potion, the caster lucks out.

Potion List

Animal Control- As per the spell. The character gains a slightly feral demeanor under the effects of this potion.
Ingredient Suggestions: The fresh heart or brain of an animal, a piece of leather from a whip or leash.
Spell Required: Animal Control or Charm Animals.

Clairaudience- As per the spell. The character may hear phantom noises or bits of nearby conversation for up to 1d6 turns after the effect of the potion ends. This includes noises made by ghosts.
Ingredient Suggestions: The ear from an animal with keen hearing, a seashell 
Spell Required: Clairaudience

Clairvoyance- As per the spel. The character may see glimpses of nearby events and perceive ghosts for 1d6 turns after the potion's effect ends.
Ingredient Suggestions: A fresh eye, a quartz crystal.
Spell Required: Clairaudience 

 Ethereality: The imbiber becomes translucent and is only visible to supernatural creatures. In addition, the character is insubstantial and can pass through solid objects. They are immune to physical attack, but cannot physically effect the world in any way. The character is still effected by magical attacks and can cast spells as normal. At the end of the potion's duration, the character must make a Physical save or the potion persists for an additional d6 turns, after which he must save again, etc.
Ingredient Suggestions:

Ferocity- The character receives +2 to all attack and damage rolls. The character is arrogant and ill-tempered under the potion's effects.

Fire Resistance: The subject is immune to normal fire, and receives a +2 to saves against magical/supernatural fire attacks. The character takes no damage on a save and half on a failed save. The character's body is cold to the touch while this potion is in effect.
Suggested Ingredients: coal dust

Flying- As per the spell. The character is at -2 to all rolls for 1d4 turns afterwards as he regains his ground legs.
Suggested Ingredients: Bird feathers, wing of bat

Fortune- The character receives +2 on all saving throws, and anyone attacking the character is at -2 to hit. The character gains a Karmic debt as per a Witch's curse.
Required Spells: Bless OR Curse 

Healing-  The character regains 1d8+1 hit points. These hit points do not vanish at the end of the potion's duration, they are permanent until lost normally. Potions of Extra Healing restores 3d8+3 hit points. Accelerated healing is painful and ruins concentration for 1d4 minutes.
Suggested Ingredients:  Aloe, dove feathers
Required Spells: Cure light wounds (Cure serious for Extra Healing)

Hideous Strength-  The character gains a +4 to hit in melee combat, inflicts +1d8 damage with hand to hand attacks, and automatically passes Strength checks.The character also has the chance to frenzy every time they down an opponent or cause significant property damage. (GM's discretion on the latter) A Mental Saving throw staves off the rage.
Suggested Ingredients: A few drops of werewolf blood, a sample of human adrenaline
Spell Required: Strength

Invisibility- As the spell. The character feels a sense of detachment from the world while under this potion.
Suggested Ingredients: Finely ground glass from a mirror, curry powder

Invulnerability- The character cannot be damaged. This potion lasts for only 1d6 rounds. The character loses all sensation of touch while it is in effect.
Suggested Ingredients: A small diamond, a piece of hard metal like iron or steel.
Required Spell: Protection from Normal Missiles, Shield, Armor 

Levitation- As per the spell. The character feels light-headed and dizzy for 1d4 rounds after the potion wears off.
Suggested Ingredients: The wings of an insect, a fallen leaf.
Required Spell: Levitation

Mediums- The character can perceive ghosts, both visually and aurally. The character receives +2 to save against any supernatural abilities a ghost uses against them. The character feels morose or paranoid for 1d6 turns after the potion ends.
Suggested Ingredients: A fragment of bone from a ghost's original corpse, 

Mist Form- The character can assume a mist form as per the Vampire ability. The character feels sick for 1d6 rounds after the potion ends.
Ingredient Suggestions: Bottled smoke, a few drops of blood from a vampire.
Required Spell: Stinking Cloud OR Gaseous Form 

Necromancy-  The drinker can control undead within visual range, either 2d4 of undead with 4 hit dice or less, or 1d4+1 undead of more than 4 hit dice. Vampires and Revenants can make a Mental Save to resist the effects, but must make a new save every turn they are in the drinker's presence. Other forms of undead receive no saving throw. The effect works as the Control Animal spell.
Suggested Ingredients: A pinch of grave dirt, a handful of salt.
Required Spell: Protection from Evil OR Hold Monster OR Charm Monster

Spiders- The character can scale walls as per spider climb, and cannot drop any held object. The character has the desire to eat flies and insects for 1d6 turns after the spell ends, though this urge is easily resisted if the character has been eating regularly.
Suggested Ingredients: A live spider or strands from a recently spun spiderweb.
Required Spell: Spider Climb

Cursed Potions
Cursed potions are foul concoctions that are sometimes created when a Witch fails to brew a magic potion or dies in the process of brewing. It is possible to create one intentionally, but the character must learn the recipe. (Treat this as learning a new spell) The creation process is the same as above, but do not roll on the Calamity table above. Note that all cursed potions are considered Black magic and intentionally brewing one incurs Karmic debt for Witches.

Abomination Potion- The character must make a Physical save or become an Abomination. (See the forthcoming monster chapter)

Blood Unguent-This disgusting reddish paste, when consumed, inflicts 1d10 damage on the caster that can only be healed naturally. However, for the duration of the potion, the caster casts all Black magic spells as though he were 1d4 levels higher.

Death Brew- The character must make a Physical save or die in 1d4 turns, after which  they rise as a zombie. They are not automatically under the control of the brewer, but they can be controlled through magical means. 

Poison- The drinker must make a Physical save or die in 1d4 turns. As this is a magical poison, modern forensics cannot determine the cause of death. It appears as though the victim died of heart failure.

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