Monday, February 9, 2015

BXWoD: The Revenant

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The last class for BXWoD! (For now....)

Revenants begin their existence as undead thralls created by the Raise Dead spell. While most unfortunate souls dragged into such an existence remain so enslaved, a few are able to escape. (See the upcoming spell description for details) These free-willed restless dead are called revenants.

Driven by a vengeance that burns for what has become of them, revenants typically channel their rage into a personal crusade against supernaturals that prey, physically or mentally, on mortals.

The presence of revenants is somewhat controversial in supernatural society. Some see them as traitorous, others see them as unclaimed property, others believe that they should be properly laid to rest. Werewolves dislike revenants, but not nearly as much as they detest vampires.

Revenants at a glance:

-Revenants are undead. When reduced 0 hit points, revenants simply keep fighting. However, every time they are damaged, they must make a Physical save, with a cumulative -1 penalty for every additional time they are damaged. If they fail, they deanimate, awakening 1d6 days later with -1 Hit Die. A revenant reduced to 0 Hit Dice is truly destroyed. Revenants can't be healed by any medical skill or white magic.

-Revenants use d8s for Hit Dice.

-AC: A revenant's natural armor decreases as it grows in power. This represents the resilience of the undead body, which is often simply unimpressed by trauma.

-Enemy: The revenant chooses a class of supernatural monster. The choices are: undead, fae, shapeshifters, spellcasters, and demons. The revenant gains the listed bonus to attack and damage rolls against the chosen enemy type, and enjoys a saving throw bonus to resist any magic or special attack levied against them by such a creature.

-Stalk: A revenant who is actively pursuing their quarry may track it. The ability is similar to a Werewolf's, but operates on a mystical level rather than the result of enhances smell. They may also use Stalk to cloak their presence like a vampire's Stealth ability.

-Sneak Attack: A revenant who has Stalked prey may make a surprise attack if the target is unaware. This attack enjoys a +4 bonus to hit and inflicts the listed number of additional damage dice.

-Rend: A revenant has hysterical strength with regard to combat. They may inflict the listed damage with their bare hands. Note that this does not give them the ability to damage creatures with special immunities.

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