Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Heroics and Villainy!

We interrupt the constant posting of my BXWoD stuff to mention Icons.
My Sunday group has switched gears from our Ravenloft/Gothic Earth/Masque of the Red Death campaign to Icons, a rules-lite superhero RPG.

Icons encourages universe creation as a shared endeavor of the group. Everyone, including the GM, is responsible for creating a number of heroes, villains to match other players' heroes, setting elements and supporting characters. Normally this is the kind of hippy crap that I shake my fist at, but I decided to give it a try, given that my Sunday players are two of my dearest friends.

...I'm actually really liking the stuff we're coming up with. We've had two solid sessions of universe creation, and the level of enthusiasm is fantastic. It's also cool to see what details emerge about our universe from the different characters we make and how we link them together.

Most of the characters I've made are reboots/reimaginings of PCs and NPCs from the Champions campaigns James and I ran back in high school.

Anyway, I'm really digging on Icons. It's neat to have mostly randomized elements that we make come together through collaboration and creativity.

I know, I know. The OSR Police can come and take my hardcover Swords & Wizardry book.

BXWoD stuff shall resume, since I've had a time to catch my mental breath.

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