Thursday, March 19, 2015

BXWoD Talismans - Scrolls and Wards of Protection

There are ancient contracts in place, spells of such potency laid in the beginning of time that they remain as tacit law even in the modern era. Protection scrolls and wards are a sort of shorthand for those contracts.

A scroll can be inscribed by a Witch (only). The scroll must be written in special inks. Under no circumstances will these symbols operate when rendered electronically. A Witch can create any protection scroll so long as they know Protection from Evil.

A scroll requires 1d6 hours and a pint of blood from the type of creature to be affected. (In the case of ghosts, a handful of the corpse's remains or grave dirt. The ashes of a slain vampire will suffice for a vampiric scroll, as well.)

A scroll of protection lasts for 1d4+3 turns and centers 20' around the person who reads the scroll. Reading the scroll causes it to crumble to dust.

The affected creature(s) cannot cross into the radius of the protection scroll under any circumstances. Those who are protected by the circle are at +2 to save against any powers, spells, or effects that originate from a creature of the warded type. (A vampire's gaze, etc.) Physical attacks propelled by the warded creature, however, are unimpeded. (A warded vampire could just shoot the protected character.)Wards

Wards are basically scrolls of protection placed on a specific location, usually not larger than a house. They take five times as long, cost five times as much, but have a duration of days rather than turns. While the levels of magic in the present day are typically not strong enough to create new permanent wards, some particularly... drastic.. undertakings can be taken to produce long term wards. (GM's discrection)

Spell-using characters can places their spells on scrolls as well. A scroll can be used by any character as a one-shot spell. The Witch must know the spell in question and ink it on special paper using special ink, with prices and further ingredients at the GM's discretion. The spell slot is used up until someone releases the spell from the scroll by reading it aloud. While non-Witches can do this, characters who are incapable of casting spells have a 10% chance of catastrophic failure. There is one exception to this: werewolves cannot use scrolls. A werewolf reading a scroll suffers 1d6 damage per spell level (save for half) and destroys the scroll.

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