Sunday, March 22, 2015

Engines & Empires with the Author

So a couple of years ago, I downloaded Engines & Empires on PDF. I glanced through it, liked some ideas, but never really did anything with it.

A week ago I got invited to join a new Cyclopedic/BX campaign being hosted at my FLGS. I popped in tonight to roll up a character. The DM showed me that we were running a modified Engines & Empires game. Halfway through creation is discovered that I was playing E&E with none other than the guy who wrote it. How cool is that? Turns out he also wrote Elegia, later reworked into Retro Phaze, both of which I downloaded previously.

Anyway, I have rolled up one Henrik Ivarsen, Artificer, scholar, and political exile. We played for an hour or so, had an encounter, established the corner of the sandbox we were starting in, and just generally did a setup session. I look forward to playing next week. I also plan to get myself a paper copy of E&E off of Lulu.

One last odd tidbit...I mentioned that some of the technology in the game reminded me of gadgets from the PC game Arcanum, one of my favorites...and one I just happened to have a copy of in my bag. He admitted to being a fan and that the technology system in the game lent some inspiration to his Artificer class. Overall, it was a pretty serendipitous evening of gaming.

My Icons group has gone on a one month break while two of it's players (me included) wind down their Master's degree programs and the third gets ready for an art show she is featuring in. We have every intention of returning to the game, because we're all enjoying it.

New leg of Deadlands starts this Friday. It's good to game.

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