Thursday, March 5, 2015

Got my Ic On

...get it?

Anyway, I ran the first "issue" of my new game of Icons last Sunday.

I'ma come right out and say it: I have never enjoyed running or participating in a superhero game as much as I enjoyed Icons. I would also say I have never seen a superhero game emulate the feel of a comic book/superhero animated series the way Icons does. It finally felt like I was playing the superhero game that Champions and Heroes Unlimited teased me with but failed to deliver.

We stumbled a little bit with Qualities at first, but we started getting the hang of it. It also prevents the game from being just a bunch of numbers crashing together, which is the feel I always got from Champions. For instance, one of our superheroes, Iron Bark, is a tough tree/plant elemental dude who can grow into a hugenormous tree with crazy damage resistance. I had my fire elemental bad guy pull a power stunt to create the quality "on fire" for Iron Bark. Iron Bark responded by spending a Determination Point to retcon a decorative fountain in the area, jumped in, and spent another to activate his quality "Humanoid Plant" to absorb the water into his roots to he could quench said untouchable-fire-villain. We had lamp posts getting wrapped around people via magnetic control (Quality: restrained), we had a goddamn amazing fight.

I also enjoyed the Pyramid Tests as a method of crisis resolution. While at first I balked and flashed back to the atrocity that was 4th editions's "skill challenges," but it turned out really well in practice: we had two tech savvy superheroes trying to shut down an overloading gravitic accelerator's control panel while two other heroes tried to contain the out of control machinery.

Obviously, session one of any game has the potential for "honeymoon syndrome" but I have a really strong first impression of Icons as the superhero game I always wanted. This Sunday is Issue #2.

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  1. That sounded like lots of fun! I might have to check it out! :)