Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adding a Little Salt to the Flayed King

Tim Shorts dropped a free S&W adventure on us this week, "The Flayed King." It's ballin', yo. Really it's more of a location than a sequence of events. It's still awesome and I still can't wait to use it.

How to complicate The Flayed King (for those who don't believe in a free lunch). Roll 1d6 or pick or use several of the following:

(Spoilers, kids. Run for the hills if you finna play in this)

1. The King will not speak unless the PCs offer someone to replace him.
2. The King has no tongue. To make him speak, a freshly cut-out tongue must be inserted into his mouth. This tongue is irretrievable and can never be regrown.
3. The King has a 30% chance of lying and telling the PC whatever false information will cause them the greatest harm.
4. The King tells the exact inverse of the truth.
5. The King speaks a language nobody has spoken in 1,000 years. (And remember he speaks only once a year) If the PCs catch enough of the phrase, maybe they can get a rough translation by consulting an old text somewhere. (Klaatu, verata, uh...n...nuh...nghamahm....)
6. The PCs can never speak aloud, write down, telepath, or otherwise communicate the information they learn from the King. Their hand writes something else, their voice catches in their throat, etc.

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