Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Choosing My Fate (and blowing my mind)

Currently brainstorming the upcoming Fate game with my crew. We're all tossing ideas back and forth via email. Right now these two premises seem to be in the lead:

1. Dimension Hopping Wanderers

2. Post-Apocalyptic humanity struggling against a superior mutant class.

So I was trying to congeal this in my mind, perhaps even combining the two settings. I was looking at artwork from The Strange (which seems cool but I'm not really into the Cipher system), but then today I was perusing my blog roll and was reminded of the news that RIFTS is getting a third party release via another company (and I know which one, but I'm not saying anything because it was entrusted to me in confidence) and then I looked back at my post and was like... Dimension Hopping and Post-Apocalypse... that could be RIFTS.

I'll pitch the idea to my crew of something like a cross between The Time Machine, RIFTS, and Sliders. Hot.
(Or just a hot mess....time will tell.) 


  1. That's what I said, Rifts Fate! Icons really brought out something I didn't think I'd see in you

  2. I'm a little surprised myself.