Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Alright, so I got to feel special for like a couple of weeks before Palladium let the cat of the bag in regards to their RIFTS licensing deal.

...I just have to say that this is pretty much the best thing ever. I love RIFTS, but even with extensive house-ruling the system kind of makes me want to chew my own tongue off. I'd played around with using D6 (the West End system), AD&D 1st edition, and even Fate Core for running the game...but I think Savage Worlds will do nicely. Very nicely.

Think I know what I'm asking the missus to get me for Xmas this year.

This is also the perfect way to introduce my Friday group to RIFTS. They seem keen on the idea (one of them has even played in a couple of RIFTS games), but they're already familiar with the SaWo rules.

So excited.


  1. all honesty, I think I might prefer Palladium's home system to Savage Worlds. And I say this as a person who really doesn't like Palladium's system.

    I realize I am not in the majority.

  2. I'm a Savage Worlds fan, so I'm pretty amped about this.

    You know, I'm pretty sure West End d6/Mini6 could do Rifts just right. Pretty consolidated skill list (I hate the skill system in Palladium, especially since it adds like an hour to chargen.) I think the scaling mechanic between personal/vehicle/space fighter/starship could be re-purposed as a reasonable analog to Mega Damage. MD is actually what stalled out my AD&D conversion of RIFTS. DeeBees would be easy to do, too.

    Still, with any conversion, I think it's enough to get the basic concepts/ideas down rather than worry about everything being mechanically equivalent.

    What sayest thou?

  3. @ DMW:

    I like a post-apocalyptic future setting with magical shenanigans as much as the next guy...I grew up on Thundarr the Barbarian, after all. That being said, my flavor of PA has people blowing shit up with less. Much as I like the flavor of Rifts, its the MD robot stuff (something 'ported in from their Robotech RPG), that bugs me nearly as much as the general clunkiness of combat, skills, and advancement.

    [the clunky! Gods, the clunky!]

    D6 has its perks, but again the skills [ye gods the skills!] just...aaaargh...make me want to rip my hair out. If it wasn't for them writing everything down on copyable/cutable templates, Star Wars would have been fairly unplayable from the chargen get-go. I was recently reminded of this when I was reading a D6 Horror version of Count Dracula:

    What someone probably needs to do is a mindless MMORPG in the style of WoW with Rifts...uber-powered characters wandering around a post-apoc America doing "quests" and blowing each other up.That's who Siembieda should have partnered with: Blizzard, not Pinnacle (or whoever does Savage Worlds these days). It'd make a killing.

  4. I played around w Savage Eifts before. I thought the skill specialties add on rules and the cybernetics and mechs from interface zero 2.0 worked quite nicely

    1. I don't have IZ, but I do have the Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Companion. That has rules for cybernetics, though I doubt they're as detailed. It also has rules for mecha, which could handle robot power armor/glitterboys quite nicely.

  5. Yes, I have both. I finally decided to use IZ instead. Fairly similar results but IZ is more detailed and spelled out. They also have different qualities of cybernetics, allowing more if they're better crafted and more expensive. So kind of too much, but easy enough to ignore and I like any excuse to open IZ 2.0

  6. I also built a really sweet juicer using some chimera like race template and the cyber mastery rules in IZ2. I think I only had to make one or two tweaks. I never got to run or play it, but I think he really was a juicer