Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Sunken Tower of Tsenophal

"He who holds the Heart of Tsenophal shall rule Igoroth the rest of his days."
                                                                                             -The Prophecies of Ikras, Canto II, Verse 437

Tsenophal was a god. Tsenophal was a demon. Tsenophal was an archmage of unthinkable power. Tsenophal was but a man, a messianic cult leader. Tsenophal was a golem that descended from the heavens. Tsenophal never existed. Read a dozen texts of old and you will find a dozen accounts of what Tsenophal was, but all agree on one thing: the tower where Tsenophal resided stood upon a silver mountain, and that mountain collapsed into a valley that flooded with water that seemed to come from the very stones.

Ages later, an earthquake has caused the flooded valley to partially drain, leaving the structure exposed. The Ikrasites claim that the time of prophecy has come. The King of Igoroth has declared the Ikrasite religion heretical and the prophecies blasphemous.

In these turbulent times, men dream of the Heart of Tsenophal, and the promise of power to come with it.


When I don't know what to run at a convention, I come up with a title. I then make myself build something around that title. I did it with the Temple of Zirugar several years ago, and that turned into a module trilogy run across multiple games at the same convention. The Sunken Tower of Tsenophal entered my head today, and the rest follows. It's what I'm going to run at the Nuke-Con game day in June. So be it!

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