Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Slight Bump in the Road

Ack. I forgot that I have a wedding to attend on the Local Game Day. I can get free for the evening, but it means I have to choose between The Sunken Tower of Tsenophal and A Strange Request. Vexing.

...though I suppose I can run A Strange Request (My White Star module) at KantCon this July.

My Fate game might not run this Friday either, due to the absence of one player and the likely absence of another...and we're not even through chargen yet.

Next week I am slated to resume my RIFTS Madhaven campaign from last summer. On the subject of RIFTS, however...

A few years ago, my pal Nathan and I started working on a conversion of RIFTS to AD&D 1st edition. We made a healthy amount of progress into it, and it might even be playable, although Techno-Wizards (which I renamed Technomancers, because... yeah) were a major stalling-out point for me.


White Star has me thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could simplify the idea of RIFTS even further and do a more White Box-y treatment of it, rather than the muck and mire of AD&D 1. (Disclaimer: I love that particular muck and mire, but lately my tastes bend toward the simpler.)

I might jot some notes down. I'm note sure if my pro-Palladium Thursday group would be interested, but my Friday and Sunday groups probably would be...

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